Toward the beginning of the game
Before the storm

And the purple sky
Remember when I mentioned the Twins game in my post yesterday? Well, after four innings, we got to see pouring rain and hail, with a tornado warning siren in the background. However, they did wait long enough to resume play, but Thomas and I didn’t stay too much after they started again.

Let’s see, what else happened today… Oh, a volunteer at work stopped me in the hall to ask if he could bring all of the instruments he owns (which initially is super cool) to play on my units during my session times (which initially is not super cool), but not until after he asked if I had a guitar tuner so that he could point out he thought I was out of tune. However, he made a point to assure me, “I’m not trying to take your job or anything.” (I highly doubt he knows what my job is.) I found out very shortly thereafter that he is, in fact, trying to find a job on our staff. 

And here I have encountered my first strange I-need-to-be-somewhat-possessive-of-the-music-that-happens-here moments.

Go Twins. (We were down 6-0 when we left.)

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