Maintaining groups

I have picked up another job, as of last week (and potentially another, third job), and I am already noticing some possibly great opportunities with one of my groups, as well as challenges with my identity as a music therapist. I am content and excited to be developing more experience with the senior population, and that I am using my other primary instrument– the violin/fiddle– in a much more prominent way. But the challenge is that this particular group, and actually many of the others I facilitate, are open groups– anyone can come, anyone can go. I am able to balance such a session with the 1:1s (that I am absolutely loving) with people in assisted living, which happen directly after this particular open group. However, I feel that there are so many obstacles in the way.

I would love to hear from any music therapist out there who works in skilled nursing facilities or care centers. Essentially, I’d like to know good tactics for keeping large, open groups therapeutic. (What a broad answer that could require.)

In other news: Bash had his first vet appointment today. He seems happy.

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