Piano Bash

I will tell you what’s cool. Using your smartphone to listen to Pandora while running for the first time in two weeks because you feel fat and have the first half marathon you’ve ever run to prepare for in a few months. And an expected 80-degree day tomorrow for the Twins game we get to see in the corporate box (free drinks and dinner).

I spent a good portion of the day fretting about having to use piano for a group at the end of the day. I didn’t use it, but I will next week, so that means I have a whole week to worry about that. And to worry about the wedding music I will be playing on Saturday. Hopefully I will spend the time I want and need to spend on this music. However, there are so many other things to do in a day. Maybe I won’t sleep anymore. 

Hello, Bash. You are skinny.

Here are some pictures of mighty Bash, whose previous owners invested some precious time in preparing him for us; he is the most well-mannered 10-month-old puppy I have ever known. I am really surprised by him and absolutely pleased. 


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