Georgia, Georgia

I’ve just read that the Georgia Senate has passed a state licensure bill for music therapy. More and more states, including Minnesota, are pushing for state licensure and a few already have it.

What I find troublesome about this news is that apparently the American Speech-Language-Hearing Association is opposed to a music therapy state licensure in Georgia and has issued a call to action against it.

I hope this issue is cleared up quickly. I know I, and any music therapist I know, respect the profession of speech-language pathology, and those speech-language pathologists with whom I have any work-related relationship seem to find value in music therapy.

Honestly, I am just now learning of this, but I did find the ASHA’s call to action.

Here is where I first learned of this news. I find Daniel Tague, MME, MT-BC’s blog Music Makes Sense to be full of interesting music and music therapy news and information.


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