Accepting New Clients

It’s Summer 2019, and I here at Sound Matters Music Therapy have a few openings in my caseload for daytime clients. Feel free to contact me at or (612) 466-0227 if you’d like more information. I am serving adults and children with developmental and intellectual disability in the Twin Cities metro.

Welcome, welcome, welcome!

Hello again, all.
I’m writing to you almost two years after the last post was published.
I (probably) won’t take two years between posts from here on out. I’m hoping to post every Thursday.
I’m sharing an article with you that I had published in Music Therapy Clinician: Supporting reflective clinical practice. Strangely enough, the article was written about my time taking a break from work, and I’m sharing it with you while I’m re-entering. Regardless, please read it as you’re able. The article is “Getting Out to Get Back In.” Music Therapy Clinician: Supporting reflective clinical practice. Please comment on this post if you’ve ever had a similar experience; I’d love to connect.

Thoughts on Music Therapy podcast

Hello again. The next episode of the Thoughts on Music Therapy podcast is up for you to hear. We interview a family member of a patient receiving music therapy in hospice care. Feel free to listen and leave your comments on the site itself, or send them in an e-mail to me, at Thank you in advance!

New project

I am really excited to announce that my colleague and friend Tim Oesau, MT-BC and I have launched our own podcast! The podcast is “Thoughts on Music Therapy,” and our hope is to speak about music therapy in the news as well as conduct interviews with creative arts therapists who may or may not work with music therapists. You can find the first episode at Thoughts on Music Therapy. We soon will have a more populated website, but for now, please e-mail me at with comments and/or questions. Thank you!


I was happy to be able to spend time with music therapists Kat Fulton and Tim Ringgold tonight as they hosted a live Google hangout for music therapists as a way to launch their new project site, Empower U Academy. Kat and Tim shared ways for music therapists to know their value, which is another important factor in advocacy, I’d argue.

*I will be posting our first contribution on professional words of intention in just a few days. Feel free to contribute your thoughts on your word of intention for this calendar year.

Monday matters: Advocacy

January is Social Media Advocacy Month for music therapy. I am not an official participant in this project, but I do my part to advocate as I can.

What do I do to advocate? Most importantly, I provide the best service I can. I seek out educational opportunities in a variety of places. I receive clinical supervision. I collaborate. I reach out to other music therapists, as well as other professionals who are not music therapists, in order to develop an understanding of what it is they do. I attempt to provide a face that is considered educated, competent, and professional. I advocate for my profession on a daily basis.

See here for more information and resources.

How do you advocate?


I took most of the last two days off, but excitedly, I worked today. My voice is still rough, but, oh well.

I had a fantastic meeting with staff at a facility where I provide therapy services. I say “fantastic” because they seemed to genuinely understand what music therapy is. We’re going to work together to expand my offerings there. At this point, I believe I’ll be seeing about twice as many clients on a weekly basis. I love when this happens.

Consultation services now offered

I am excited to announce that Sound Matters Music Therapy, LLC is now offering consultation services to other board-certified music therapists who are interested in any or all of the following:

  • Beginning a private practice
  • Finding new resources
  • Networking opportunities
  • Peer supervision
  • Cultivating writing skills

Over the past few months, I have been approached by a number of therapists from a few different states who have a variety of questions about how to get started in one or more of these areas. I enjoy sharing information and the knowledge I have, so please contact me at or (612) 466-0227 if you have interest in any of the consultation services I offer. I look forward to meeting with you.


In the next couple of months, I’m planning to add a logo to my site, change the layout and look of my site, and possibly start sending out newsletters. All in time for summer, where things will be slower until the arrival of our first child. Hopefully by July, all will be changed, and set for more change. We’ll see how it goes!