I don’t know that I’ve ever given much thought to transitioning into a new calendar year. I was so happy to have December 31 off from both of my jobs, so that I could do things that help me with closure. I’m really bad at closure, and I definitely don’t think about it enough. I spent time doing that at the end of last calendar year, and I wanted quiet when this new year began. I got what I wanted.
I’m having trouble deciding on a word to use as a theme for this year. I came up with “relax” today, but “design,” “create,” and “plan” have felt important, too. I want to eliminate everything extraneous in my life this year. I want to gain focus and clarity. I’m trying to determine how many points of focus I’d like to have. Two? Three? Relationships and people are definitely one focus already, and I’d like to spend a lot of energy on music, too. What about spirituality, and how I feel about it? I want to hone in on a select few items. People, music, and… Three is such a good number. I want to find my third focus for 2011.
I have one week left of my internship, and one week from tomorrow I leave for Austria. Talk about transitions.

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