Looks like I’m going to get to use this as a travel blog as well as a “normal” blog; my boyfriend and I are going to Europe in January! I’m excited.
I’ve decided I take everything too seriously and that I don’t laugh enough. Even as my boyfriend was telling me about the details of this spectacular trip, I became intensely overwhelmed with fear about the appropriateness of going at such a time– should I allow myself that time, even when I should be job-searching?, do I deserve this?, etc. I wish I thought about the good things first and the potentially negative aspects after, but I always think in the reverse order. Maybe I can change that.
Soon: pictures of Vienna.

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  1. ERIN!!! THAT IS FANTASTIC!!! if EVER you deserve a fun trip and vacation, now is the time. you are young, you have fallen in love, you have worked your ass off and you will soon be done with a HUGE accomplishment. i support this trip 100% and i cannot wait to hear about it. when do you fly out?!

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