A plan to plan

Because I do not have much time in a given day to plan for my upcoming sessions at the care center, I am always excited when I come up with something novel and engaging. I have approximately 20 minutes at the beginning of the day to put together my entire day’s doings, and most days I facilitate five group sessions of 10 to 20 residents with a wide range of ability. So, to bridge this gap in preparation time, I’ve come up with a variety of techniques. One technique I use is to focus on one domain for the entire week, and then fashion a series of similar experiences that I adapt for the group for which I’m facilitating (may sound like common sense/knowledge, but I stressed about this for weeks). This week, I’ve designed an experience that went really well with a group of my most independent residents, and has also been very successful with my memory care group (whom I see daily).

Anyway, my point is that it took a great deal of planning to compensate for the lack of time I actually have to plan!

Does anyone else have similar challenges? How much time do you spend planning?

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  1. I also try to plan in ways that allow for materials to have some reuse power. Setting aside a little time each month or two for a longer block sometimes helps. Also, I try to make my various areas overlap – blog posts, sessions in assisted living facilities, and preschool groups.

  2. Thank you, JoAnn, for your comment. Yes, I’ve been trying to use a set-aside time once a month, too, but unfortunately it’s so inconsistent given the schedule here. The planning process seems to be an evolving animal, but I do like when it works out.
    Thanks again,

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