Riding lesson

I remember learning to reign as a horseback rider when I was younger. The most important piece of information to consider when reigning is how to distribute your weight, or at least that’s what I took away from my experience. The horse I had was very sensitive, and I remember that the best way to indicate to it that I wanted to slow down was to sit down, so to speak, on the saddle. To slow the horse down, I needed to relax my weight into the saddle, and even lean back a small amount, too. I love when I can generalize skills learned in entirely different contexts so that they may help me in current circumstances. Like today, I had a full day of sessions to lead, and though my voice is getting stronger, I still feel ill. So I decided that, instead of stressing out about session planning, I would take what I already have at hand and lead with it. Sit down and relax, in effect. That’s what I did, and the group about which I was most worried turned out to be the most fun and most interactive. I am happily surprised. I will hopefully continuously come prepared, but be able to relax into my ability once I’m ready.

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