A few posts ago, I mentioned that I was curious about how I came to be a musician, as I don’t seem to be very musically inclined. Today I was surprised to remember that I like to perform. I had to be the “entertainer” for a couple of hours at work, as the hired performer who comes in from elsewhere could not make it. I was pleased with how it went, both musically and energetically. I don’t get much chance to perform, as music therapy is absolutely not music performance. But, as I am getting over a cold and it’s been a long week, my voice is really tired now.

On another note, March is (apparently) Music Involvement Month. And next week (I think) is Music Therapy Awareness Week. I had fun with some music therapist friends last night, leaving me even more excited to help create monthly song-shares and get-togethers with them. I’m somewhat lonesome as a professional.

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