Seeking music therapy in childbirth

I had the privilege to meet with one of my internship supervisors for a few minutes a couple of weeks ago. I wish I stayed in better touch with her, but I was happy to get to see her for just that short amount of time. Inevitably, we spoke about the fact that I am expecting, and I asked her if she knew any music therapists in the Twin Cities who work in sound birthing. I recognize that I am a music therapist, but those therapists who work in childbirth are not known to me; I have heard there are a few who work at or through a hospital in one of the suburbs. My former supervisor said she knew of a few therapists to contact, but that I should really be thinking of my own playlists in case I can’t have a therapist with me.

Hm. My own playlists? I am pretty accustomed to thinking of my clients’ music, but my own is sort of another story. I’ve been feeling tired of my music, but I have found one blogger whose “new tunes” posts reliably inspire me. I guess it’s time to start putting together a few different lists– stimulative, sedative, active, etc. 

Do any of you work in sound birthing? Did you have a music therapist at your birth? Tell me stories.

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