Planning practices and problems

I have never considered myself a songwriter. I have always considered myself a planner.

Recent realizations are such that I am a songwriter (almost on a daily basis), and my feelings toward planning are that they are hopeful and sometimes restricting.

I believe all of this relates.

I’ve been afraid of writing songs and music because I’ve felt that there are a certain set of rules a composer must follow in order for the song to be valid. I’ve also always held that a songwriter must be very versed in music theory. I loathe music theory. I know it’s useful and important, but I still loathe it.

I’ve been set on rigid planning practices, in regard to music therapy and everything else there is to plan, but I have frequently been so pleasantly surprised by results of therapy sessions when I truly accommodate for the moment. This is not to say that goals and objectives are abandoned. This is to say that I am really good at improvising when I need to be. I am so happy with that.

As far as songwriting and planning go, I’ve found that I can create a legitimate song in a session that is not only applicable to that particular client and his or her needs but teachable and adaptable.

I like these kinds of surprises.

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