Tomorrow I present to a group of speech-language pathologists and occupational therapists on the application of music therapy in a setting that serves children with developmental disabilities. I have not seen, in person, a music therapist co-facilitate a session with a therapist or specialist of another profession, but have had a chance to see video of co-facilitation with physical therapy. I don’t necessarily expect that I will be doing anything of the sort with the children at tomorrow’s site (should I even meet these children), though I think co-facilitating with another specialty would be fantastic. Not only would I hopefully see progress in a client, but I’d also have a better perspective of the processes of the other facilitator. 

I just listened to this month’s episode of Music Therapy Round Table in which the subject addressed was the “bucket list” of music therapists. I’ve always wanted to write and publish, but perhaps a more timely goal to have is to work in some co-facilitation.

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