Noodles with violin

I have been using my violin in my care center work more and more often. I am thankful for that; I do not use or play it outside of work, and if I didn’t find a purpose for it in my workday, I would feel so wasteful.

Not these noodles, though dang, they look good

A few weeks ago, I started using the violin to musically support movement facilitated by a therapeutic recreation coordinator on our memory care unit. The coordinator uses noodles to demonstrate certain movements, and I play music akin to what the music would be in PSE. However, I know my technique is not PSE, and that, clearly, the tool utilized is not a piano or autoharp. Regardless, I notice differences in residents’ participation and affect (before, there was random recorded music).

These noodles

Now, I’m beginning to use the violin on the palliative care unit, where many more of the residents are not alert. As with any new experience, there will be evolutions, but I am already having trouble wrapping my head around how to adequately address each individual when there are as many as 20 in the group at any given time.

Is there anyone out there who has tips on working with large groups? I am in need.

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