May in May

I may have an opportunity to provide music therapy to clients with developmental disabilities on a 1:1 basis as an independent contractor. I may also have an opportunity to teach voice, violin, and/or beginners’ guitar. I may too have an opportunity to develop my skills advocating for music therapy by presenting to a variety of groups throughout this area. 

I may really want to take this opportunity, should it be granted to me, because I am configuring a three-year plan that includes opening my own practice…

I may need to take a business class or two between now and when I decide to act on that plan.

I may also feel a pang of hesitation because I may really want to spend good time at home. However, maybe now is best to invest this kind of time so that in the next couple of years, when there is more of a pull to be home (not that there isn’t now, but when it might be too hard to be away… ), I could maybe accomplish having my own schedule and my own clients…

I may, I may, I may. We’ll just see how it goes. 

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