A real weekend lies before me. A real, two-day, grown-up weekend, that is happening on a Saturday and Sunday. And the weather is gorgeous, which is tremendous and wonderful. 

Here is another list of sentences I dislike (note that they are said to me by typically-functioning adults with well minds):
“You look sick.”
“I can’t believe you had such luck getting roles [in theatre].”
“I don’t like that [wedding] dress on you. Your shoulders are so masculine.”
“You don’t seem like a theatre person to me at all. You are way too introverted. I just can’t imagine you performing.”
The following was said by someone in my facility, but it’s just too unique not to share:
“Did you have a lot of acne when you were a kid? ‘Cause your face looks like it.”

Here is a list of things I lovelovelove that are happening on a daily basis:
Waking up at 6:00 and going for a long walk with Thomas and Bash;
Eating breakfast;
Having a reason to start my day with physical activity, and to take that same walk when I get home from work;
Looking forward to the next day as I fall asleep the night before.

Happy weekend.

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