Monday matters: Digging out

I’ve started my work week off poorly. I had clinical supervision today and a peer group meeting, as well as several clients with whom I’ve been feeling connected over the past few weeks, and yet I feel completely entrenched in musical mediocrity and just plain self-doubt. Separating my personal life from my clinical life has been a challenge lately as I’m adjusting to being a parent who works outside the home while also attending to some other family needs. I highly doubt I will ever master the ability to completely disentangle work life and personal life, especially since in my work I offer a whole lot of myself and sometimes all of my energy.

Today I had a lot of trouble being self-involved. I was unshakeable in this plateau of negativity. I found myself having to close my eyes while in a session once today, just so that I could still myself enough to try to re-focus and clear out. This worked as well as it could; I did all that I could to effectively reflect and engage with my clients. All in all, I tried my best to dig out.

How do you dig out when you feel this way? How do you clear your head before and during a session? How does this help you relate to your clients or people in your life? Leave a comment below.


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