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Yesterday I wrote about some struggles I’m having coordinating a demanding home and work life. I got some really useful feedback from a fellow music therapist* here in the Minneapolis area. She suggested pre-session meditation, which immediately got me thinking about this fantastic app I have been using over the past several months. The app is buddhify and is coined as the “mobile mindfulness app for modern life.” What I love about it is that the guided meditations are only ten minutes long. I did try to meditate shortly before my last client this evening, and as hard as it was to do, I think I benefitted from the attempt.

Do you meditate? Are there other meditation apps that you like? What other feedback do you have to help dig out? Please leave a comment below.

*Oh, and that fellow music therapist can be heard on her podcast, Urban Therapists.

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  1. Great discussion topic! I use meditation during work days…not before every session, but it’s been especially helpful before/after challenging sessions, or when I’m feeling myself losing focus or motivation. For me, the times when I need it the most are the times it’s hardest to do! I haven’t tried any apps – I usually just set the timer on my phone – but I’m curious about buddhify!

  2. Lisa! Oo, so you are able to sit in silence and meditate, non-guided? Good for you– I apparently need practice with the guided meditation before I can move onto anything else.

  3. Not always! 🙂 When I’m in practice, I can; when I haven’t practiced in awhile (like now), it’s a struggle. I’ve been practicing mindfulness meditation on and off for about 8 years…so far I haven’t maintained a consistent meditation practice for long periods of time, but I keep coming back to it because I always find it so helpful. There is an intro to mindfulness meditation class coming up at Common Ground Meditation Center on December 22 from 1:30-5:00 – their classes are wonderful! I’ve started going to their practice groups again, because I haven’t been very consistent on my own. I’d love to hear more about your experiences with meditation!

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