Working with change

This summer seems to be all about working up to slowing down. Because I am now seven months pregnant, I am focusing on scheduling clients and determining whether or not they’ll have a substitute music therapist in my absence. Some of my clients prefer to continue therapy with the substitute, and some do not. I leave this decision up to the parents and caregivers of my clients.

I am surprised that with my upcoming schedule change and lifestyle shift, I am nevertheless generating all kinds of ideas for the business and my work in music therapy. I wonder if this is because I am having trouble recognizing that I simply cannot, and should not, take on anything new at this point. I have a fear that my professional identity will be lost somehow. So, I was relieved that another music therapist in a similar situation addressed this “down time,” as she put it. You can find Michelle Erfurt’s posts about this subject here and here. I was happy to come across this relevant (to me, at least) writing.

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  1. It’s so nice to hear that you connected with my posts, Erin. I found that my identity was tied up in music therapy work so when I wasn’t working I felt really bummed. But, then when another non-working downtime popped up, I didn’t feel bummed… I guess that just means that I learned from the first time.
    I just posted some resources for staying in touch with music therapy on the blog too. (Find it here:
    Congrats on your baby! What a wonderful blessing! 🙂

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