In process

Over the past few months I have been shifting the way I think of music therapy and my philosophy of my practice from outcome-oriented to process-oriented. These months have brought such an interesting struggle. I am really fortunate to have found a clinical supervisor who is supporting me in this transition. This change has introduced a number of obstacles, none of which I would be able to navigate successfully without support. All sorts of questions have arisen for me as I’m working through the change, and I am led to believe that the questions aren’t ever going to come to an end. They just may be of a different nature. I think the questions are what is so appealing as well as what is so scary about process-oriented therapy.

This week I’ve come to decide that I need to find my connection in regard to the way I’m practicing, and to recognize that it is itself a process. I have experienced a share of challenges to this orientation, and though I believe in the validity of music therapy as a whole, I cannot switch off the way I provide the best care so that I may sidestep an obstacle. Sometimes connecting to a philosophy such as I am doing now is difficult. But, I already feel more genuine as a therapist, which will in turn benefit my clients.

Here’s hoping that the path keeps winding, but at least smoothes out a little! 

I wonder if anyone else has ever had a transition like this.

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