Being sick requires work

My sinusitis simply did not let up, all through last week, and then coupled itself with a perky little migraine that took me to urgent care. I am feeling better as the days go by, but truthfully, being sick takes work.

What have I learned in this?

  1. Don’t push it. Go to sleep, if possible, when I feel like it.
  2. Don’t sing if I don’t have to sing. I need that voice.
  3. Drink as much as I can, even when water is boring.
  4. Don’t expect to get done what I’d normally get done.
  5. Don’t make plans that I’ll feel guilty about abandoning.

I’m usually so plan-driven that being sick like this completely bottomed me out and required me to re-evaluate my plans. I don’t like re-creating plans, but I simply had to do it the past few weeks.

Here’s to pain medication. 

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