Music appreciation

I do not listen to music very often. I much prefer filling my space when I’m alone with the sound of TV in another room, or NPR downstairs, or more likely one of the many podcasts I love.

I know. I’m a musician. I’m a music therapist. I should live and breathe music. I’ll tell you, I feel guilty about my resistance to music listening. I feel awful when someone speaks about a band they’d just discovered, or one they’ve known for years, and I don’t know it.

Sometimes, I do actively avoid music in favor of soundlessness. Other times, I don’t want to invest the energy that it takes to hear music. I find that there is a lot that goes into hearing music, and honestly, much of the time I don’t have the brain space for it.

This being said: Turns out I love music. What a revelation. Today I added a Talking Heads (one of my favorite bands) station to my Pandora list, and my day began so well because of it.

The lesson I’ve taught myself is that, in addition to considering music on a professional level and that my exposure to it can always be thought of as research, I should listen to music I like as often as I can.

Same As It Ever Was.

Check out Poliça. Cannot get enough.

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