Suzuki Mom

Tonight I essentially made my fiancé sit with me for more than an hour as we waded through a couple of years’ worth of my home video. The reason I suddenly decided to do this was that he and I had just returned from meeting a potential wedding photographer, and I wanted to prove to him that I haven’t always loathed being in front of a camera and/or camcorder.

When I was really little, my family got together and performed Christmas concerts for one another. There was a section of video that caught me attempting to play my teeny violin, but complaining that “I can’t hold it up,” and “I can’t do this.” My mom sat there next to me, encouraging me. I believe I lasted a minute, and then just stalked away (a graceful child I was not).

My mother is the most patient person there is.

Thanks for your perseverance, Mom.

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