My technology age

I am beginning to find more and more uses for technology in my professional (and personal) life.

I recognize there are several music therapy bloggers who write with frequency about newfound apps that benefit their work. I feel way behind the times, because I don’t use many apps on a regular basis. (Tonight I had the urge to buy a metronome app, though.) I do use my iPod and iPhone with my clients for a number of reasons, however I know there is a myriad of options that I am not utilizing.

But, I’m loving the whole online, web presence “identity” I’m developing. I’ve decided to build yet another site that I will dedicate to my performance endeavors. I use the word “performance” not to mean that I am a solo artist. I’m not, nor do I want to be at this point. I do, though, want to provide vocal and/or violin music for special events.

Also, I’m considering using Facebook for these projects. Has anyone had a bad experience using Facebook for professional pages?

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