Time before the game

On weekends in the care center where I work, I typically do not provide music therapy sessions. Usually, I assist with other events or sessions or… well, I’ll just admit that sometimes, on weekends, I call BINGO. 
(Actually, I don’t hate it. I use my performance-enhanced enunciation and public-speaking-volume, and much of the time I get compliments from the residents. So there, it’s a morale-booster.)
Every so often, I get the chance to spend time catching up with the residents while we wait for the game to start. Today I had that chance, and I am so grateful to be reminded how much I love these people. One of the residents’ roommates just died, and I was able to listen to her relate how sad she was. I can’t imagine how bizarre it must be to become friends with people, live with people, whom you realize may not survive the month. 
Some people are really impressive. I am sorry for their loss.

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