Independent contracting and a broken violin

I had to give up my violin today. My bridge is warping, and it snaps out of place while I am playing. Frequently. And it freaks me out. So I am having them replace the bridge and re-mount my chin rest (two separate issues), and I won’t have my violin for at least a week and a half. I have a loaner, but I am having some separation anxiety about this distance that has been created. I remember sleeping with my violin in its hard case when I was little. I don’t sleep with my violin anymore, but, still. 

Oh, I miss it.

Now that I will be working as an independent contractor, I have needed/wanted to come up with a name for my “business.” I don’t know what I’m doing in the business world, but whatever I am doing is exciting. But yes, I have decided on a name. I will bring it to you in later posts…

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