Disney World in Maple Grove

I enjoy shopping in essentially no circumstance. Yesterday, we went shopping for eight hours. Eight hours. A full night’s sleep. We happened into this Disney World-esque town that consisted of brand new shops, stores, and restaurants, mashed into a few blocks, surrounded by massive piles of the dirt that was moved to accommodate their existence. I say it was Disney World-esque because it seemed so new and pretty and resort-like. I could’ve sworn we were states away from Minnesota, only because this weird place seemed so foreign… And now you can tell how often I go shopping, and for that matter, shopping in suburbia. 

Tornadoes touched down, damaged property, and killed and injured people in Minneapolis yesterday. The weather seems to be especially bad these past few months. Thankfully, we were not affected by the weather and do not know anyone who was, but I feel for those people who were. 

Partially because of the weather, we did not go camping this weekend as we had planned. The other part of the reason is that I am much more indoorsy than outdoorsy. I like being outdoors, so long as I have access to the indoors. (This is much, much more true in the winter than the spring and summer. Let’s just say I am not a happy snowshoer/inadequate snowboot-wearer who owns nearly no outdoor gear to protect myself from cold under 60 degrees Fahrenheit. And let’s also say that I will take this information into account and continue to complain about how much I hate the cold.)

Does anyone else feel that music is their job and not their hobby, and that therefore it’s no fun to do outside work hours? I ask this because, while we did not go camping, we did meet the campers/outdoorers for dinner, after which they were going to gather for a sing-along. I promptly rejected that idea, even though no one asked nor had they actually started to play.

Let’s recap: This weekend was all kinds of crazy, but pretty neat, too.

No pictures today. I’m trying to get myself to take at least one picture once a day. But I did not do such a thing on this day. 

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