In flux again

One of the biggest reasons I started this blog was so that I would have something that I would try to do on a daily basis throughout transitions that I was experiencing. Hence, “In Flux.” At the time I began writing, I was about halfway through my music therapy internship, and was finding that I was having trouble feeling grounded. On a regular basis, my patients were dying, or declining, or losing their independence. I wanted to use this venue to write about seeing those transitions and feeling my own transitions on personal levels having little to do with the internship. My point is that the birth of this blog had much to do with sad transitions. 

However, now I get to feel happy transitions. 🙂 I won’t write specifically about the engagement or wedding planning here, but likely I’ll find this place to be beneficial to come back to on a (hopefully) daily basis in order to check in. Should be good. 

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  1. i continue to delight in every post…. really liked the image you chose for this – it's very appropriate for this post and for some of your other posts (like the one about the challenging group at your job – taking it one step at a time – you are good at this!)


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