Easter dogs

I notice the massive, inflatable Easter bunnies and their counterparts that live kitty-corner from our house (1. I heard somewhere it’s actually “catty-corner,” and 2. I love that I can now say “our house”) have fallen to the fact that Easter is, once again, past. I was worried about the health and well-being of these neighbors, though, because until only a week ago, they still had their Christmas inflatables attached to their roof and fence, flapping in the wind as their insides had long-since been evacuated. (Good thing they don’t have bowels.) Thomas says these neighbors inflate giant decorations for each holiday. I wonder how they’ll decorate for No Diet Day on the sixth.

I wonder how Easter was for you. Mine was great. Thomas and I traveled to my parents’ farm, where my brother and his son from out of state had been visiting. We spent the whole weekend with family. Even more family than had been there for Christmas. And that’s a lot. 

The picture may be bigger than the dog.

We are considering getting a dog… Either a Pomeranian or a mastiff. You know. Something around that size. 

Are you kidding?
(This isn’t me. Nor a dog I could feed.)

No, we really don’t know. Preferably a dog that won’t dig, as we are going to start planting/gardening. I thought maybe a legless dog, then, but Thomas doesn’t seem to think that’s a wise suggestion.

I am eagerly anticipating May. In May, I will hopefully be getting more hours at work and I will definitely be getting benefits. Wouldn’t it be neat to just have a doctor’s appointment?

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