Job duties

I am fortunate that I have a job, but even more fortunate that I absolutely love it. I love the residents with whom I work, and oddly (and somewhat unhappily), half of my therapist team members are brand new, just like me. I do a number of things at work, and each day has been very different from the others. Today I had a great session in which I created a band and a choir out of a group. The “band members” seemed excited to play their instruments, and the choir was smiling– enjoyment, physical activity, and stimulated memory makes me happy as the therapist. I assessed one resident who started to cry when he spoke about losing his vocal range to his Parkinson’s. I helped a resident celebrate her birthday. Earlier this week, I began to help someone plan for his funeral. I spoke about death with a resident. And I co-facilitated a small prayer service for nurses and caregivers moments after one of our residents died. 

I was also fortunate to attend the last half of the monthly memorial service at which the families of those residents who died the month before can come and honor their loved one at the place where they lived last. I was touched to see one of my co-therapists spend time with two different families following the service. The families both thanked my co-worker for her work with their loved ones. I am honored to be a part of this work. 

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