Control in flexibility

I had a surprisingly uplifting session with a patient and her mother today. Unfortunately, I was nervous about the session for the majority of the day. Another lesson learned: be flexible, but take control.
Another of my patients died today. I enjoyed him. I am grateful to have known him and to have been a part of his life.
I have only weeks left in my internship. I am feeling overwhelmed and pressured, but truly I want to be on my own in this now.
I am resisting an urge to seek out another “thing” to do. There are three “things” that excite me right now, but I need not entertain that until I get the rest of myself under control. 

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  1. Let's see if I can remember all three. One was to join a volleyball league, another was to find a book club, and the third may have been to join a creative writing group. Groups and projects are my "things."

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