Daily routine

Essentially, I live out of my trunk. Not only do I stay some nights at my place and some nights at The Boyfriend’s, which necessitates keeping things at hand (but not leaving them at either place), I also need to keep instruments in my trunk. I use the guitar and the violin on a very regular basis, and while I am not using them, they go in my trunk. My sweet little tiny trunk home.
I don’t have much routine, yet routine is something I crave. This morning while I was getting ready, I realized that routine is something I desperately need to create for myself so that I can allow for sustainable stability, wherever I am. Certain routines, having to do with work-related events, I keep well. For instance, when I am about to leave for a home hospice visit, I get in the car, record the miles I have on my odometer as a voice memo on my phone, use hand sanitizer, make the drive in silence– no phone, no radio, no sound that I can control– and use the hand sanitizer again before going into the home or facility for the visit. This kind of routine I keep. But the other kinds, those that contribute to my personal well-being, I have the most trouble maintaining. I have always enjoyed writing and especially loved writing right away in the morning. I started the day feeling centered and balanced and successful. This I don’t do any more. I have found excuses and reasons, some seemingly very valid, to abandon such an activity. I wonder why I leave behind and let disintegrate these activities I find personally beneficial, and stay committed to those that do not directly contribute to my happiness.
To implement something, almost anything, on a daily basis could likely assist my ability to adapt to these changes I am experiencing. Potentially, to blog every day could be this something.
Thanks for reading.

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