I’m done with my break

A few days ago, I posted a link to the article I wrote for the ezine Music Therapy Clinician. I wrote the article months ago, some time in the summer, when I was struggling keeping work and family from falling apart. I wasn’t sleeping because I had a little girl who wasn’t sleeping. Sleep, as it happens, is one of the very most important pieces of my health, I found out, thanks to the baby. My identity as a music therapist was disintegrating and I think I was mistaking the resistance I was experiencing for a desire to change careers. I did need a break. In the background, during my break, I was processing this resistance I felt. I think I wanted to do more meaningful work in my music therapy practice. I wanted to understand the music and my clients better; I wanted to do more in my relationships. I’ve been working full-time again since mid-December, and I’m happy for having had the time away. I’m finding more confidence in what I’m doing and why I’m doing it. I’m articulating more clearly how I believe my client, the music, the environment, and I are interacting. I’m offering more definitive ways for my clients to express themselves: Do they agree with my perception? Do they disagree? Have they ever even considered it?
I’m done with my break and I’m better for it.
Rest is best (as sung by Daniel Tiger in Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood). 🙂

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