Monday matters: Professional hobbies

In the past week, I’ve been thinking a lot about what I call professional hobbies. I define this kind of hobby as one that relates to your profession, but is something that fulfills a subcategory of your work. For instance, a lot of people are podcasters, but are producing their podcast in order to relay a message about their primary work; I don’t think anyone calls themselves a “professional podcaster.” I consider my blogging a professional hobby. I am not a professional blogger, however.

I enjoy writing quite a bit. I imagine a lot of people do. If you happen to be one of those people, but don’t find yourself writing regularly for whatever reason, consider composing a few paragraphs on the topic of words of intention over the remaining days of December. Send me your thoughts, and I will publish them here. If you have a website and other contact information, I’ll link to it. At the top of each month I will publish on that theme. I will share an upcoming theme on the 15th of each month; feel free to continue writing on what these topics mean to you in your work.

My theme word for 2014 is still changing. I’ve thought of explore, expand, and recently, clarify.

Do you have an intention for 2014? Have you thought any more about a theme word? Let me know.

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