Not an expert

Two and a half weeks ago, when I started back to work full time, I was trying to be cognizant of all of the changes that being a new mom would bring. I have to say that I am frustrated with myself for not being expert at this new life yet.

I love working for myself. However, I have a long list of tasks to accomplish in any given day that weighs on me. I thought I was being clever in my scheduling, setting aside the morning hours to be with the baby, and then going off to work in the afternoon. I forgot, though, that I need a certain amount of time– so much time, really– to be uninterrupted while working at the computer or organizing or sending out invoices or doing any other administrative task. I forgot about the amount of work there is to do that isn’t done with the client.

I am surprised at how scattered and messy my days seem. And yet, my days come and go, just as they always have. As much as I’d like to fit every piece of the day into a special little compartment, I can’t. I have a new appreciation for flexibility, since the baby doesn’t care what my timeline is.

I have a new awareness of relationship, as I’m finding that therapy lies within the relationship. This is a concept I’ve been considering since I’ve been back to work, and one I hope to elaborate on in future posts here. I hope to do so soon!

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