Monday matters: Clarity

Lately I’ve been feeling that I am calmest and most collected when I’m actually with my clients. This is clearly a good thing, because arguably this is the most important time to feel that way. Today, for example, I had a certain amount of time to get my head around my schedule and my new clients and my invoicing and my documentation and my instrument maintenance and my… etc., that I felt like I was juggling eggs. Really tiny, fragile eggs. I don’t think I’ve ever juggled before, so those little eggs aren’t long for this world. As soon as I got to my clients, though, my head was cleared and I felt very present in that small group of clients. I felt that there was some therapeutic value and even some movement in that session. I love when this happens.

Now, to work toward finding this clarity on a regular basis. What did I do to clear myself for this session? How was I preparing myself differently? Was I? Was I more effectively getting out of the way of the clients, so to speak? How do I continue to support them this way? Was I even being supportive? What was different?

Does anyone out there ask similar questions?

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