I presented on music therapy to a group of speech-language pathologists and occupational therapists on Wednesday (was that really only yesterday?), and since then I’ve been thinking more and more of the importance of collaborating. Each therapist’s purpose when working with a client is to help him or her reach a goal, and what I have in common with other creative arts therapists and “traditional” therapists is that I want to help move a client in a positive direction. I know that knowing more about each modality would be tremendous for me as a clinician and for my clients as well.

Much of the current event information and inspiration I get regarding music therapy is from other music therapists’ blogs. So, today I subscribed to 20 speech-language pathologists’ blogs. 🙂 This isn’t to say that I will know exactly what they’re talking about, but I will hopefully have a better understanding of what they do, in some respect. I will also be looking into other avenues of education (presentations, podcasts, etc.).

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