There is a resident at the care center where I work whom I respect and admire a great deal. I am reasonably sure this resident has no idea of this, and so isn’t doing anything intentionally (I’ve never thought that about any of my clients). I am quite intimidated by this resident, though. I don’t know her well, but I am distracted by her presence in the groups I facilitate on her unit. So much so that I notice sometimes I am tempted to change the flow of the session to include or highlight experiences I know she likes. Which is not wise of me, and pretty negligent. But, at least I notice it before I actually do it. I am happy that today I was successful in fulfilling a session plan that provided experiences most of the other residents could find useful in some way, even though many of the experiences I know that particular resident didn’t enjoy. I am aware of this hang-up of mine, but I’m sure it’s not too uncommon. I just need to learn to re-frame my perspective, I think. 

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