Working out work

I am pretty excited right now. I have just returned from the first night of meeting some of my new clients, and though I am experiencing a very strong element of terror going into this new work, I do definitely feel thrilled as well. These clients each have developmental disabilities, and most of them are young. These are the terrifying elements, as I haven’t had a lot of experience with either population for quite some time. 

The past few days I have felt pretty ineffective at work at the nursing home. I have already vented about my frustrations to another music therapist today, so I don’t have that need anymore, but honestly, man, I hope I come up out of this hole soon. Of late I have been focusing on physical wellness, specifically fall prevention. I would love to co-facilitate with our physical therapists, but I am having trouble deciding how to approach them about this. 

My favorite picture of these two together. 🙂
Maybe we’ll get to the yard tomorrow,
in the 90-degree heat.

On other fronts: We started showing the Harry Potter movies last night. We thought ‘twould  be fun to review before the new one comes out in July. 

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