More changes and developments

I have been in the habit of posting to this blog on a very regular basis, either on workdays or every day of the week. This week I have taken a break, as you can attest, because I am splitting the blog into three. Eventually, I will relocate this blog, but not at this point.

Here is where I will talk about my music therapy and music performance experiences. Here is my “professional blog.”

As I have mentioned in the past, I do have a website in progress for the specific purpose of housing my professional web presence. We’ll see how formal I get, but I do have some goals.

I will be taking over four individual clients as an independent contractor, starting next week. Yet another transition, and definitely one that is important for me to do. I look forward to the challenge. Also, I was asked today to consider facilitating music therapy for a group home (which is entirely separate from anything I am currently doing). I was asked what I charge. I’ll tell you: I don’t know. That’s pretty much what I said, in some different language. 

Work is going well the care center, despite the fact that I had to use a loaner violin today. Dang. The sound is absolutely, in all respects, different, and it’s hard for me to play it. I don’t recall ever playing someone else’s instrument. I look forward to reuniting with mine early next week. 

Beginning next week, I will be co-facilitating sessions on the palliative care unit with the other music therapist in the facility. I have been feeling like I have not been able to provide for these clients the way I should, and so I am positive having another pair of capable hands will be beneficial for everyone involved. 

Luckily, however, I feel much more adept this week than last. I’ve found that the more detailed I make my session plans — even if I don’t actually follow the plans — the more goal-oriented my sessions are. Unfortunately, I haven’t got everything figured out yet. 🙂

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