The past few days

A massive weekend is behind us. Thomas and I have just come home after having seen three movies in as many days. Thanks, Groupon

Oh yes, the length of my hair
will be right about here this time
next year. I just won’t have
that mustache.

We also reserved our reception site for the wedding. I made sure to warn him that my hair is quite likely to resemble William H. Macy’s in “Lincoln Lawyer” by that point (yes, this is one of the three movies we saw over these past few days). I will have to dye it a nice off-blond, just like Will. 

One reason I have to believe I am actually in my mid-eighties: I complimented (truthfully) one of the residents I had in a my music therapy groups on his delicious choice of footwear. Yes, Velcro played a major role in the construction of this shoe. And yes, there was food on the shoe. 

On the wedding front: I had a dream the other night that our guests were falling asleep at our reception because the music was so poor, but I saved the day by calling the DJ of my high school prom(s). Those guests were much happier dancing to Shania Twain, Sublime, and the like, than to the nothing that we had apparently provided.

In other words, the Memorial Day weekend has been very nice. Now, to another week. 

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