Staying clear

Thomas registered me (per my request) for a half marathon in October. Hopefully my training for it will help my physique for our wedding. But, as much as I’d love it, I somewhat doubt I will ever get any smaller than I already am. Regardless, I will try. 

In my music therapy blog reading, I found the site Musicovery. I gave it a C on an A-F scale. Tell me, how do you grade it?

Where I thrive

I remember forming ideas for the coming year once the end of last year came upon us all. I remember saying I wanted to focus on music and my relationships. I want simplicity, so that the things in which I invest grow really well. I’m engaged, which is huge and wonderful. Hopefully I will continue to develop that relationship. 🙂 And I have chosen to focus on my work more intensely and to clarify my needs in the world of music. Also, a good thing. So far in 2011, I am doing well. 

I thrive in Minneapolis. Thrive. 🙂

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