Re-frame and relax

I am again and again amazed at how rehabilitative telling myself to relax is. My Tuesdays are very full, and there is one group in particular I don’t feel I do well facilitating. And I have thought, “Man, they all know how much I suck at this.” But today, I decided that if I concentrate on the goals I have for the group and take myself out of focus, all will be better. Of course, I have aspects of my facilitation to improve, but re-framing my thoughts about the group helps tremendously.

Thomas might appreciate this.

I also must point out that, not only did Thomas and I announce our engagement on Sunday, we opened the first of the beer that we made. And not only did we try it, we served it to our friends; the beer was tasty! Success.

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  1. And he does!

    You'll have to show me where you found that one. Come to think of it, a large old server case would have plenty of room for foam & could make a great cooler…

    /geek out/ *grin*

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