Monday, Monday

Didn’t finish.

After a really busy and productive few days, I sat down last night to watch a movie. Granted, the movie wasn’t what I wanted to see, as I was looking for a simple, Jennifer Aniston-esque wedding movie. I chose “The Answer Man,” which stars Jeff Bridges and that woman from “Gilmore Girls.” I don’t think I have ever seen anything with Jeff Bridges in it that resembles an Aniston movie in any way, but regardless, my choice had been made and I watched the damned movie. Until I got mad at myself because I was up so late and made myself go to sleep. But I watched half of the movie. Something close to half. I got to the part where Bridges’ character, who had written a very popular book called Me & God, exchanged books he was trying to sell for answers to “god questions” the bookstore owner had for him. One of the owner’s questions was, “Why can’t I do what I want to do? I have all these ideas, and nothing ever pans out.” Bridges’ character’s answer was that it was important to remember that everything one does is what he wants to do; no one can be made to do anything. 

Having little to nothing to do with the movie, I decided today to be in a decent mood (I had been feeling that work was the boundary between my getting to see Thomas tonight). I decided to sit back a little and consider the current moment instead of plan the next. How was my day, as a result? 

Irritating. I was irritated today. A co-worker complained about it being Monday, and I chose to admit that I wasn’t feeling so hot about the workday– on Mondays, I don’t facilitate music therapy sessions. Instead, I facilitate other recreation therapy sessions. Sometimes that’s a nice change, but today I was just irritated. Soon, though, I will be happy to see Thomas after his trip.

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