Skiing and beer and blogs

I had the distinct pleasure to go downhill skiing this weekend, one day with my family, and the other day with friends of Thomas. I have been only a handful of times over a period of probably eight years, and teaching myself to do it again on Saturday was absolutely frustrating. On Sunday, however, I felt much better about my ability. I am very sore, but I am also preparing to run a race in a couple of weeks, so I had to run today after work. I’ve gotten to the point, luckily, where I consider running and physical activity to be more for my mental health; I feel so accomplished once I finish with whatever physical experience I’m doing. 

Drowning the beer bottles in cleaner

This weekend we also made some progress on our beer-brewing attempt. We are essentially done with our secondary fermentation and have started preparing the bottles for the bottling process. 
I’ve come across another blog I like, thanks to Thomas. The writer of “Dilbert,” Scott Adams, writes a pretty good blog (at least the few posts I’ve read have been interesting). It’s called, simply, “The Scott Adams Blog,” and you can find it at Anyone out there read any good blogs? 

My Band of the Day: The Generationalists.

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