My first question of you

I wonder if you could do me a favor. I am trying to build my musical repertoire, and I’d love for you to leave me a list of song titles or artists or bands, or any combination of the three, that comprise the music that you like a lot or heard a lot in your childhood and adulthood. I’d really like to know your music for a couple of reasons; the first being that you are likely a family member and I’d love to know this about you, and the second reason being that I’d like to try to add your music to my repertoire. Post your list as a comment to this post, please. 🙂 Thank you kindly.

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  1. –Carly Simon
    -Sarah McLachlan (reminds me of college days)
    -Dave Matthews

    And random but when I was a kid I loved the theme music to "Mr. Rogers' Neighborhood" and am thrilled that my son loves that show the way I did. Same with much of the music from "Sesame Street"– but the old-school stuff.


  2. Oh and some random music– I like the CDs from the Putamayo series– they focus on various countries, regions, etc. French Cafe, Brazilian Cafe, Quebec.. these are just a few of the ones I have and like.


  3. I will definitely have to look into the Putamayo series as I am not familiar with it, unfortunately. How did you come across that series?

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