Anna Banana’s

When I lived in North Portland, I frequented a coffee shop that I absolutely loved. I spent entire days there sometimes, working on school stuff or reading or doing nothing productive. I loved that place, and though it had a couple locations in the greater metropolitan area, the location in St. John’s was by far my favorite.
I am in a job-searching phase, again. Though I am not doing school work, it sort of feels like it. I’ve been here at a coffee house that I’m trying to shove into the place in my head the aforementioned coffee shop inhabited, and I’ve been on the computer for hours– looking for jobs, applying to some, drinking crappy espresso (thanks, Austria, for making things a little hard to handle here), and overhearing a (bad) blind first date. Yesterday, I tried spending the day at home doing this same thing (sans the crappy espresso and blind date), and I felt really badly about it. I was moderately productive, but I’ve concluded that even though I don’t like socializing, I do like being in the company of other people. Maybe I am a city dweller at heart– I can live closely among thousands of strangers instead of living in a small town or out in the country where, though my neighbors are miles away, I’d know each and every one of them (and even their family members, too).

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  1. I love a good coffee shop. It can feel like a comfy living room, but with the warmth and energy of the comings and goings of convivial strangers.

    Don't know (yet) where you went, but the May Day Cafe and Uncommon Grounds usually have a good crowd vibe. I like the afternoon light at Anodyne, too.

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