One truth of mine that continuously fascinates me is that when I feel I would like to be alone and isolate myself from people, I find that I am entirely wrong. Some days I’ll go to work and look forward at the day with anxiety as I consider the number of people I’ll see who have some truly depressing life circumstances. On those days, I usually predict that I would feel worse about things in general when I’m done with work, because being around death and dying can be hard. But I am always wrong. True, some days I cry a lot. Typically, though, I am reminded of how fascinating people are. People are people are people. Some define themselves by their affliction, most do not. I love hearing people tell their stories, even when the stories are very short and address only the current situation. What’s really special about working in hospice is that I get to hear more in-depth descriptions of family life. I am very lucky to be included in some families’ stories.
I am also very lucky to have the friends and family I do. Tonight I got to take a free yoga class with my boyfriend and a friend of his, whom hopefully soon can be a friend of mine. I am surprised by how blissful I feel after such simple interactions, as well as some very complex ones.

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