A list of things I like

I don’t think of my own physical comfort as being all that important. Maybe that’s odd. However, I now know that physical discomfort (even if it’s not severe, acute pain) affects all things. I know, this is obvious. I need to experience things before I really have learned them; I am an experiential/kinesthetic learner. Anyway, here is the list of things I like and enjoy:
1. Showers, or being and staying clean (I’m talking clean-clean– I don’t like when my hands are dirty or when I spill on myself. Luckily, my mother did not pass her spilling gene to me.)
2. Being dry (I can hardly stand it when my hands don’t get entirely dry after washing them, or when my sleeves get wet when I’m washing my hands.)
3. Being very warm. I really dislike being chilly in the least.
4. Eating. Yet I rarely set aside time to do it.
5. Sleeping. But I feel so guilty when I nap. I think last weekend was the first time I’ve napped in a long time.
6. Using lotion.
7. Using Chapstick/lip balm (I don’t like the word “balm,” but at least I don’t have to speak it here. “The weather is balmy.” Gross.)
8. Reading. I rarely do it.
9. Writing. This, I do. And I think I’m happier for it.
Hmmm. I should prioritize these things.
Thanks for reading.

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