Runner’s breath

To the best of my knowledge and recollection, worrying has never done me any good. Anticipating the nature of a future experience might typically be good practice for most people, but not for someone such as myself who quite often expects difficulties ahead, or at the very least, judgment by others. More often than not, fortunately, I am able to reach said situation and feel a certain amount of pleasant surprise when realizing my predictions were wrong. However, I still have trouble remaining in the present and not foretelling my future. I believe I am getting better and becoming less anxious, and therefore unhappy, but the process is hard. 

Deep breathing is so important in relieving panic. I used to enjoy running for the breathing. I would get to a point in my run where I could think of nothing other than continuing to move forward, which, once the run was finished, I really appreciated. The act of running focused my attention on the very, very present. 
I have so much yet to do. To accomplish, to settle, to understand, to believe, to finish, and to grieve. I suppose my best bet is to breathe.
Thanks for reading. 

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